Interior Design

Why do I need an interior designer? Why can’t I do this myself?

Design projects can be more complicated than they first appear. When you start thinking about all the things that go into even a single room design – like space planning, color scheme, furniture, carpets, flooring, lighting, electrical and carpentry – you may find that you need someone to look at he bigger picture; someone to sort through all the choices and help you make the best decisions!


Staging a home for resale is one of the most fun and rewarding things I do.As a designer I’m very good at using things in your home that are already there to make it more attractive to a future buyer. I love rearranging and getting rid of the clutter that can keep a buyer from seeing all the possibilities that your home offers them. Once I finish, you might even decide to keep living there!

Guaranteed, your home will sell more quickly and you will already have a head start on packing up all the extra stuff that has been sitting around for years that you barely even notice.

What CDB Home does

Floor Plans

Create floor plans with new furniture or utilizing your existing pieces.

Color Schemes

Design color schemes that flow and complement each room.


Redesign your existing space using furniture and objects you already own to give it a fresh look.

Oversee Project

Set up and oversee full design projects, working with architects, electricians, painters, and contractors.


Shop for all items: furniture, fabric, accessories, carpets, flooring, and more.

Save You Money

Save you money with our “to the trade” discounts, not to mention your time spent running around looking for things.
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