Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui? (A practical version)

First – how do you pronounce Feng Shui…..Try this! Just say “fung shway”. So simple.

Second, I think we need a definition…..Let’s start with the practice of placing things in your home around you to create balance and harmony and to allow Chi (pronounced chee), or energy, to flow. This will allow you to be in the world at your best! Feng Shui suggests that our surroundings have a strong effect on what we attract into our lives. So that if there are blockages (as in clutter) we’ll have a hard time getting what we want.

So if you have some goals out there that are just not happening, like having more money, getting a better job, growing an existing business, finding a great relationship, gaining control of all that clutter… Feng Shui views this as a wonderful thing. I can go on: Better sleep, a family that gets along, less stress in the midst of change … Feng Shui might be something you would want to try.

The practice of Feng Shui started in China more than 5000 years ago. It was based on the idea of not just surviving but thriving. Whole cities were planned with specific Feng Shui tenets. One modern city where it’s clear to see how Feng Shui principles have been applied is Hong Kong.

The study of Feng Shui has branched into many different schools. This wide variety of approaches can be confusing to western cultures but it also gives us a great range of techniques to employ when doing a consultation.

It is important to note that Feng Shui is not based on religion or superstition. Some notable people and institutions that have embraced it are: Donald Trump, Tory Burch, Virgin Airlines, The Bank of England & United Nations. It is based on the idea of keeping your home or workplace balanced. It is more art and science. As an Interior Designer, when I walk into a room that feels good and looks good, I usually find that all the elements of balance in Feng Shui are there.

Feng Shui is Fun!

The great thing about making Feng Shui adjustments in your home is that you are the one that understands your intention. Your intention is key. It is the fuel to your adjustment.

Feng Shui can be the natural partner to a great interior! It can also bring fabulous results to your life!

It is my goal to help each client develop their own balanced, happy, healthy and prosperous environment – to create a home that makes you feel better – that you love being in. Your home is your mirror so make it what you want to see!

My training is The Western School of Feng Shui, which stems from what is known as classic Form School Feng Shui. It provides basic, practical Feng Shui advice and implementation. And it’s very easy to adapt to Western lifestyles.

If you are ready to put your intentions to work and get some movement in your life, Feng Shui might just be worth trying.
Your surroundings can contribute to your health, wealth and happiness!

Let it help you improve your lifestyle and watch what happens!

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